2017 – Portland, United States

Artist-in-Residence, End of Summer.
Photos from the Open Studio Exhibition at Yale Union, Portland, Oregon, US.

This is one set of work that was made by having an interview with a Cambodian woman who have lived in Portland since 1970s. She talked me about her life, her family, and what helped her to overcome her hard experiences.There are four pieces in one space to represent the story of the living of the Cambodain woman. From her words, I picked up three Cambodian sayings and made three works. These sayings were taught to her by her father, and she had those sayings in her mind for all these years in the life in the United States. And also, from the episodes of her life in US, I decided to write one short story and made one work to represent it.Materials for the works are mostly picked up from the ground of residencial areas in Portland. As I stayed in Portland, I gradually found out that people often like vintage or used stuffs for their livings. And that made me curious about the difference between ‘vintage’, ‘used’, ‘scrap’ and ‘trash’. So I decided to make the trash become something meaningful by oraganizing it with the stories that I was told by the woman.