( ENGLISH / 日本語 )

Tsukuda Nanao is a visual artist based in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.
Her work is often based on the research about tools and furniture used in one’s daily life. Tsukuda composes constellations of drawings and sculptures, commonly utilizing materials which can be seen in living environments such as ceramics, woods, and fabrics.

Tsukuda often interviews locals, collecting episodes of personal history, traditions, and the language used to explain their lives. With a craft-oriented foundation in ceramics, her focus is on the minutiae of housing, furniture, daily tools, and living rhythms. It is always interesting for her to know the process of how others have ‘customized’ their environment and themselves to fit into their given situations. Tsukuda tries to extract someone’s ‘customizing’ process partially and insert them in her works.

Shapes, colors, and settings from the living environments are imitated by Tsukuda using ceramics and manipulated found materials. The process of combining and transforming information is important for making familiar things uncanny, in order to cause a subtle sense of discomfort. Her works will be an introduction for the viewers to follow some parts of the process of others’ thoughts and behaviors, and give the viewers a chance to build their own creative thinking through their own experiments.

Whether the source of the work stems from a place which is completely foreign or familiar to the artist, her belief is that each person has a story rooted in personal and cultural context that can be explored. These stories can become a guide for anyone searching for new viewpoints on daily living.