recent updates

2019 11/23-12/14 
Asuka Art Village Exhibition in Asuka, Nara, Japan

2019 11/7-12/8 
“ONCE LAUDED OBJECTS” group show at Tributary Projects, Canberra, Australia.
オーストラリア、キャンベラのTributary Projectsにて、ONCE LAUDED OBJECTS(グループ展)参加。

2019 9/27-10/6 
Solo show,”Hit a Hollow” at galleryMain, Kyoto, Japan.

2018 7-9 
Residency in Artspace, Sydney, Australia. Selected for the Exchange Program of Kyoto Art Center.

2018 8 
Jury Award by Yoshihisa Tanaka, The 19th “1_WALL” Competition of Photo, Japan

2018 5-6
Group show “Land(e)scapes” at Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona, Spain.
Works from participating nectar residency program in North Spain.

スペイン北部の滞在施設nectarにて制作。バルセロナのGaleria Carles Tachéにて展示。