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2018 – Exhibition Text at ‘Land(e)scapes’

09th June ~ 06 July, 2018
Galeria Carles Taché, Nectar, On mediation / Barcelona, Spain

Julia Ramírez Blanco
(Art historian, critic, Barcelona University)

For Nanao Tsukuda, materiality and space are at the centre of her work. Nanao summons the memory of ancient objects that she collects in the places where she works as an artist. As if they were made of a photosensitive material that records the memories of a place, these elements become narrators of the human stories they have witnessed.

Nanao complements the selection and collection of these objects with the realization of exquisite ceramic or textile sculptures. On some occasions, they recreate the found objects, and in others they work in dialogue with them. She often uses white cloths or papers, which function as a sort of podium or frame that allows the objects “to speak”, revealing their evocative and poetic power.

During her residence at Nectar, Nanao has followed this same procedure: recovering remains of previous occupants of the farmhouse and arranging them on several layers of craft paper, has managed to isolate and highlight them. Afterwards, the artist has attributed a place in the house for each of these compositions, which is documented photographically. Working with the relation between the space of origin and destination, the artist finely asks the future owners of these works to send photographs of the new site. Thus, she can complete the circle of the different lives of these small nails, hinges
or rusty locks that in their own materiality record the passage of time, as well as the
existence of those unknown people who have lived in the farm of Nectar throughout the