2014 – Medellín, Colombia

Artsit-in-Residence, Campos de Gutiérrez

During the stay, I talked with the people in Colombia and made my drawings and the clay works. The stories from people’s living became a big motive of my works. I did the “translation” in each process – organizing the information of people’s everyday stories in the drawing, and transforming the drawings into clay works.
I took the clay from the soil of the residency, and made a easy wood fire kiln.
I did a group exhibition in Medellín with the other artists. The house that we used for the show was just before reconstruction. We could do the show in the atmosphere of  the previous inhabitants. It was a very good experience to place the works in a living space.

他のアーティスト共に、Medellín市内にて展覧会”Disposiciones mnemónicas”を行った。改築前の一軒家をそのまま展示会場として用いたため、人の住んでいた気配の中に作品を置くという経験ができた。

Grandma said,
”People hide their treasure somewhere in the house, but if they are kept hidden, something a bit weird will happen.”

This is a work inspired by the holes found on the wall of Pablo Escobar‘s house. The holes looked strange, and they reminded me of the words from the story of a Colombian grandma, ”PEOPLE HIDE THEIR TREASURE SOMEWHERE IN THE HOUSE, BUT IF THEY ARE KEPT HIDDEN, SOMETHING A BIT WEIRD WILL HAPPEN.” I used these words for the title of this work.
These bricks are used to build the houses in Medellin. Thanks to the brick factory, I got these bricks raw and fired by myself after carving. Medellin is surrounded by mountains, and the mountains are filled with the color of these bricks.

Pablo Escobar邸の壁に開いていた穴を不自然に感じ、それを元に制作した作品。タイトルは、土地のおばあちゃんから聞いた言い伝えより。