2021 – Osaka, Japan

Decoration sets up Everyday“(2021)

These works are aimed to create sculptures that can naturally encourage the feelings to dress up.
Works at the group exhibition, ‘Wonderful JewelryGallery Yu-Ei, Osaka.




–wooden sculpture, knitted cotton cord dyed with tea, wooden drawer, cement plastered table top

The work started from a conversation with the grandmother of the artist who was now in her 90’s. One day she said, ‘I won’t do a makeup anymore. If I walk around the neighborhood with a makeup, people will say that I must be going senile and showing an seductive behavior to everybody.’ 

Her words made Tsukuda think about how she can encourage her grandmother to enjoy dressing up without limiting herself. Tsukuda decided to make accessories with natural wood without painting colors and carve the woods impressive enough to cheer her to dress up. The cotton cord is dyed with a soft color and knitted simply, and is long enough to put on without effort.

The photos are artist’s mother and grandmother, showing how they can dress the ‘sculpture’ differently.