2019 – Kyoto, Japan

Solo exhibition,’HIT A HOLLOW’ at galleryMain, Kyoto.

Photos by Takeru KORODA

The ceramics and drawings were made during the stay in a village in Spain in 2015.
They are based on the daily stories and the equipment of the people there. All the pieces were brought back to Japan, and it means that they are now separated from their original background. Ceramics pieces have now earned a new place to settle that are made of clothes and woods, with widening their new stories in Japan.

To know how people ‘customize’ their possessions, environments, and situations will lead us to know how they make their life easier in that place. But most of the knowledge and technique for ‘customizing’ is only for that person, and do not fit in others’ life. It means that one cannot use those technique and knowledge for one’s own life, and one cannot make it work in the same way.

The idea of this exhibition is to make a space to represent the whole process and situation of how the artist met others’ ‘customizing’, which comes from the desire of the artist to possess others’ experience in their life. Exhibition works both as a representation of how the artist received others’ life, and also as a collection of others’ ‘customizing’ in their life.

– – – – – – – –

 2015 年にスペイン南部に滞在した際、土地の方のお宅で日々の様子を教えてもらい、焼き物とドローイングを作る。焼き物とドローイングは、持ち帰った日本では元となる日常の背景を失い居場所を失う。そのため、そのものの由来を補い、かつ実際の焼き物の置き場としても成り立つ「支え」となるものを、日本で一般的に手に入る布や木などの素材で制作した。