2015 – Kyoto, Japan

Graduate exhibition at Kyoto city KYOCERA Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan.

” I have nothing, I only have some stories to tell you.”
『何もないのよ、いくつか物語りができるだけ。 』

Ceramic pieces and the drawing comes from artist-in-residence in Colombia in 2014.
The wooden tables, shelves and frames are mostly made of woods from a Japanese old house where now the artist is using as a studio. The Japanese house was just at the time for conversion.

How the ceramic pieces are settled is all related to the exhibition held in Colombia, which was the first time for the ceramic pieces to be exhibited. The show in Colombia was held in a house that was also just before conversion.

The composition of the works is showing the image of the exhibition room in Colombia, which is now just in the artist’s memory. The memory is recalled through the perspective of the artist, which has been gained in the living in Japan.

The title, ” I have nothing, I only have some stories to tell you.”, is from the words of a lady who the artist interviewed in Colombia.