2020 – Osaka, Japan

Solo exhibition, ’18+9 Correspondences with Can Bancells’, Gallery Yu-Ei, Osaka.


Photos by Takeru KORODA

The idea of the exhibition started from the series made in Spain in 2018. The works are mainly about the old stone-build house, ‘Can Bancells’, where the artist stayed and worked. Each work is attached with an old metal piece (picked up in the house) and a contract. The contract is to the person who will possess the work in the future. ‘The owner’ is responsible to install the work, take a photo of how it is re-located to a new place, and send one photo to the house, ‘Can Bancells’, as alternatives of the metal pieces that had went out of the house.

In March 2020, because of the COVID-19 stiuation, exhibition was postponed to October. Getting some time to spare, the artist decided to work on a project with the works that she have already made. She sent 9 set of work to 9 participants, and asked them to become ‘the owner’ temporarily for a month.

The composition of the exhibition is all related to the settings that shows up in each photo given from the 9 participants. The tables, book shelves, and daily objects that can be seen in the photos are imitated by the artist. These creation to set the works are also one correspondence of the artist with the participants and the house, ‘Can Bancells’.

Through all these creations, the artist is thinking about ‘how things can be set’. As we always set things somewhere in our everyday life, the position of the objects shows our interest, habit, or how we live. Those ‘settlement’ is not always as sublime as the ordonnance of ‘ART’, but the artists thinks that it is always attractive enough to start a new creation of art.

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Photos by the 9 participants. And a photo sent from Can Bancells.(Photo of the work left at the old house.)


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●2020 10/17-10/23
●Galleru Yu-Ei (Osaka, Japan) / ギャラリー