2023 – Asuka, Japan

2023.10.27 – 11.5
Exhibition with Yumu KUMADA, ‘入れ子-露光-echoing echoes’ at Momoshiki, Asuka, Nara, Japan.

佃七緒・熊田悠夢「入れ子-露光-echoing echoes」シェアスペース&キッチン ももしき、奈良県明日香村

Photo by Nanako KATO 加藤菜々子


This exhibition with Yumu Kumada, a woodcarving artist, was held in an old farmhouse of Asuka where Tsukuda got related during her artist-in-residence program in 2019. Kumada had also previously resided and worked in Asuka Village for several years, so the idea of the two artists to co-organize the exhibition was, “what if we were to re-locate our works to Asuka Village?”.

Asuka Village is famous as a tourist destination with many historical sites.
One of the information boards found in Asuka Village was one that only pointed in the general direction, making it difficult to understand the information. This information board inspired us to consider the relationship between the “guide” and the artwork. We decided to create an exhibition with small guides, which do not necessarily offer a specific point of view.

Visitors to the exhibition were given a booklet, “Echoing Echoes: A Guide to Seeing,” produced by the two artists, as well as a floor map, and were invited to wander among the works.


最終的には、会場に訪れた鑑賞者は、事前に2名により製作された冊子『echoing echoes 「観る」手引き』とフロアマップの紙とを手に、展示物の間を練り歩くような展示構成となった。





Related to this exhibition, workshops were held to consider the placement of artworks, and booklets were produced to guide visitors.



A workshop to create an “exhibition” with children using actual artworks by the artists.

Through the workshop with the children to try the the arrangement of the artworks , the artists examined how to utilize the shapes and textures, light and shadow of the space, and the various furniture and antiques offered by the owner of the venue. Using this experience as a guide, two artists created a display for the main exhibition.



②【PUBLICATION】『echoing echoes 「観る」手引き』

The booklet, “echoing echoes: A Guide to Viewing,” features the scenery of Asuka Village photographed by Tsukuda and Kumada from their own perspectives, combined with the artworks in this exhibition. The aim of this guide is not to focus only on the works in the exhibition space, but to make visitors aware of the scenery of Asuka Village that extends beyond the artworks.

冊子『echoing echoes 「観る」手引き』には、佃・熊田がそれぞれの視点で撮影した明日香村の風景と、今回の展示で配置した2名の作品とが、様々な理由で組み合わされ掲載されている。会場内の作品のみを見据えたものではなく、冊子を案内として作品の向こうに外に広がる明日香村の風景を意識してもらうことを目的としている。


→ more information about the booklet
→ ウェブでの販売に関してはこちら。

Photo by Yumu KUMADA